Restoration Physical Therapy provides a wide range of comprehensive physical therapy services.  We work closely with your doctor to ensure that appropriate treatment protocols are followed and that you receive the best of care.  Our specialities include, but are not limited to:

• Concussions

• Balance and Vestibular Program

• Orthopaedics: knees, hips, shoulders, ankles

• Manual Therapy

• Geriatric Therapy

• Neurological Rehab

• Pain Management

• Spinal Rehab

• TMJ Rehab

Patient care and satisfaction are an integral part of the Restoration Physical Therapy mission.  We strive to provide the finest physical therapy care in all of Davis County.  

Because we are a small privately owned office, we are able to take extra time with each patient to ensure that they understand their unique treatment process and goals, that they are comfortable with their treatment plan, and that each patient always knows that their concerns and questions are our top priority.  It is all part of our people-oriented mission of restoring function, restoring wellness and restoring you.

Restore Function • Restore Wellness • Restore You